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Our clients on this job wanted more entertaining area for the family and friends, with an old and dated yard with lots of unusable space, we sat down and discussed what their options were.

After deciding to remove a retaining wall to gain as much flat usable area as possible, excavate the material behind it out and add a pergola above for all year around entertainment, it was just a matter of making it all work.

After putting pen to paper we designed something that really spruced up the yard to the amazing outdoor space that it is today. A large and high Pergola that still allowed the clients to have an outlook from their kitchen window, adding 3 clear panels to let the light through and keep the area well lit, with beautiful 600 x 400 Teakwood Sandstone pavers to top it off. and all this had to be done by hand via the steep side access of the house.

The clients were extremely happy with the final result and said they could not wait to get some plants in, move in the new BBQ and get their family and friends over to celebrate.